Carys Boughton is an up and coming illustrator and designer based in Hackney, east London. 


Carys graduated from King’s College, University of Cambridge, with a BA (Hons) in History of Art in June 2016, after which she decided to return to her original passion for drawing, painting and digital art and pursue a career in illustration and design.

Thus far, Carys' commissioned work includes cover designs and illustrations for plays published by independent publishing house 49 Knights, album artwork for rising funk organ trio Three Step Manoeuvre, editorial illustrations for the Cambridge University science magazine Bluesci, cover and chapter illustrations for Beyond Trafficking and Slavery (part of the organisation openDemocracy), and portraits of men detained in Guantánamo Bay for Reprieve's 2018 campaign to close Guantánamo.

Carys' personal projects explore her interests - intersectional feminism, racial equality and the deconstruction of white privilege, tackling homelessness, sustainable living, and more. These interests in turn reflect her childhood in Hackney, her education at UWC Atlantic College, her time at Cambridge, and her current volunteer experience with Crisis UK.

When Carys isn't drawing, she can probably be found raiding the book shelves of charity shops, 'jogrimacing' around her local park, or scribbling in a gallery.